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"I have worked with Sal for many years so it's without any hesitation that I recommend him as a picture editor.  He marries story sensibility with pacing and creative flow.  

And his technical skills are equal to his artistic talent.  There's nothing like being able to leave your editor alone only to return and find he's taken the footage, understood it

and made it shine.  Above all, his patience and work ethic make him a pleasure to work with.

- Anne-Marie Stojanac - Director/Producer

"Here’s my advice: hire Sal for all your editing needs. He’s fast, but more importantly, he’ll take your project and make it sing in ways you could never have imagined.”

- Kim Harris - Director, My Top 10

"Sal Fabbri is a magician! And that’s not a word I use lightly.  I worked with him closely for over a year on a series of short features and every day, he added ideas and concepts to the project that made the series a whole lot better. He brings so much more to the table than just his editing skills, which are amazing to begin with. I actually don’t want to work with anyone else. If I can’t get Sal on a specific day, then I’d rather wait until he’s available."

- Doug Thompson - President, Douglas Communications, Inc.

"It is always a pleasure working with Sal – fast, efficient, professional and extremely talented. Whether it’s a promo, commercial spot, reel or long form content, Sal is always the first cutter I go to. His intuitive understanding of linear editing as not just an editor, but a storyteller, is a rare quality that should not be overlooked."

- Stuart Reid - Producer, Skyfarm Entertainment

"I’ve worked with Sal in the past and found him to be outstanding to work with. He’s not only incredibly talented but also very upfront and fun throughout the process. I can’t recommend him enough!"

- Chris Boston - Owner/Photographer, Boston Avenue Photography

"Sal is an an exceptional editor whom I've worked with for over 6 years.  Whether tackling a documentary series or shorter interstitial content, he's a creative genius when it comes to storytelling, pacing, and kick-ass editing skills."

- Laura Hepes - Producer/Director/Writer, Blue Ant Media



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