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Known for expertise with pace and attention to detail, Sal Fabbri has worked with a variety of genres throughout his career. From factual and lifestyle entertainment, to sizzle reels and social media, Sal effectively translates the creative vision onto the screen.  Exceptionally trained and certified with the industry’s leading editing platform, combined with fifteen years of experience, Sal seamlessly brings his artistic ability together with a well-rounded technical background.  Some of Sal's most notable works include MaydayBuying the View, Paranormal Survivor, and Vintage Tech Hunters.  

With prior roles like Supervising Editor at Canada's largest independent media company, and Instructor at The Toronto Film School, it is clear Sal dedicates his career to excellence in his craft. Sal’s many collaborators continuously choose to work with him because of his outstanding ability to construct a story, his positive attitude, and passion to create a final cut that is above and beyond the expectations. Most importantly, Sal will ensure your money ends up where it belongs: on screen.

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